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The lift mechanisms are counter balanced, and enhance the ease of lowering and lifting your Murphy bed. The mechanisms under a great amount of tension when the bed is opened for use. It is important to take your time when deciding, and to explore all of the possible options before making your final decision.

Multiple Springs vs. Gas Piston vs. Garage Door Spring

Multiple Springs

Gas Pistons

Garage Door Spring



Pros: Features spring mechanisms consisting of several individual mini coils that allow adding or eliminating springs to balance the unit for the weight of the mattress. Pros: Gas pistons have a nice smooth operation with a slight hissing air sound, as you push against the pistons they push back as pressure builds and releases. Pros: Heavy duty garage door extension spring provides generous support when raising and lowering the bed, and significantly extends the longevity of the bed.
Cons: Require adjustment to specs after a certain period of time in use. Mini springs can fatigue and stretch, causing the bed to sag out of the cabinet. Cons: The dry climate limits the life of gaskets and within a year has noise issues. Over time, gas pistons can leak and lose pressure. Cons: This extension spring is designed for garage door opening, not meant to be used for wall bed, require to build a lift mechanism kit from scratch.
Conclusion: Typical Murphy bed springs have no controlled action in lifting or lowering. Very limited in weight lift capacity and they are not intended for daily use. Conclusion: Although gas pistons are fine for damping action in hatch back cars, but to expect them to lift and lower weight is exceeding their invention purpose. Conclusion: An affordable alternative to the traditional Murphy kit on the market, especially when you build one yourself. Simple to use and also available at your local home center.


Murphy Lift Mechanisms

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